Monday, December 12, 2011

Jerry Maguire Moment

I'm waiting to have my Jerry Maguire moment. I feel it coming with each approaching day. Not his moment of enlightenment when he sits at his computer writing his Mission Statement and then he sends it out and then he wonders whether he should take them all back. No. Not that moment.

I'm talking about the moment when he gets laid off/quits and he waits there in front of everyone, begging anyone - ANYONE to stand up and join him - and everyone just keeps silently staring at him. And he tells his ex-co-workers that he knows that they're all waiting for him to "flip out" (insert Oprah couch-jumping imitation here) and he decides that the goldfish is coming with him and he waits. And there is silence. (Then, of course Renee Zellwegger goes with him but that isn't part of my moment.) My moment ends with the silence.

When I realize that in all honesty and in real life, for all their talking and bravado and finger wagging and feather ruffling, no one really cares enough to stand up. And I look like more like the angry disgruntled William Holden "mad as hell" crazy woman than I already do, standing there, holding onto a goldfish and the last of my dignity.

Then after I leave, the murmurring starts..."Isn't she the one that sent out that strange Christmas card with her cat on it? Did you understand it? It was weird. I didnt' get it at all....Was she really always "cold" inside? Why was she always waeing that ratty fake leather jacket? She was weird."

But then who cares? I'll have already moved on to my next life with my goldfish, Bessie.

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